Not a bank but a way to bank.

Rich Soil Bank is not a functioning retail bank.

What’s displayed on the website is a blueprint or new way to look at banking from a science based point of view.

“You can’t just design and start a bank. There are rules, regulations. The organization phase alone takes 12 to 18 months which doesn’t include the Pre-File or establishing good rapport with your DFI, the Feds or finding a sponsor as a DeNovo.

Designing the biomimetics alone took me three years to understand.

So. You can design (and try) and start a bank. But you can’t just ‘design and start a bank’. That’s illegal. Not only a disservice to the people you’re creating it for but your work, your craft. Not to mention, ineloquent, a complete undercut to your industry and those that have paid your way.

Plus I’m 22 (as of this writing Feb. 7, 2014).

I’m a dropout with two cents to my name and have never worked in a bank. “


your words.

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