Rich Soil House of Design is the parent company and design arm behind Biomimetic Banking.

“I created the house as a way to protect Rich Soil and of course, push it forward.

Think about it. What would happen if banks had their own scenes or internal design arms, their own Google Ventures or Creative Labs?

What would happen if a small group of engineers, scientists, redesigners and writers got together but were separate from the appointments of pushing product and generating revenue all the daily administrative activities of running a bank? What would happen if a small group of the most talented, cutting edge and well-meaningful rebels got together for the soul purpose of innovation; to redesign and reimagine, to play and disrupt, to foresee and problem solve for a single bank?

This is why I’m here, why I created the house.

I’m qualified to design, not run a bank. It’s why we collaborate.”


your words.

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